Building Concerns

Building Certificates Australia treats all formal complaints seriously and will respond as such. We have developed a form in accordance with our complaints handling policy, as it provides a formal communication avenue between parties. Please download a copy below and return a copy to

If you are concerned due to....

  • Unsafe working conditions (i.e. falling debris, lack of sediment control measures, no safety fencing..);

  • Potential damage to your property as a result of ongoing development;

  • Building being erected looks different to the Council approved Development Application plans;

  • Lack of privacy screening;

Please note our involvement is limited when it comes to...

  • Construction work extending beyond the approved working hours. (Working hours for Council approved Development varies and is reliant on the Conditions of Development Consent, for working hours for development specified as 'Complying Development' which is assessed against State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, separate working hours apply and can be located here.

  • The way in which contractors conduct themselves,

  • We will not divulge personal information where it is requested otherwise, however we encourage meditation between all concerned to identify and resolve concerns.

  • Certain matters related to the development may yet to be completed prior to us conducting and granting a satisfactory final inspection and/or final Occupation Certificate. Examples include affixing privacy screens, opaque skins to glazing, planting of landscaping, and rectification of damaged footpaths/roads. Please consider your complaint in the context that works may yet to be undertaken as a matter of course.

  • Some matters require us to obtain further technical details such as survey plans, engineering verification and the like. In these cases, we have to wait for information and can only respond as the information is provided to us. We do our best to get information as soon as possible.

  • The enforcement powers afforded to us are contained within the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and its Regulations, and the Building Professional Act and its Regulations. We are limited to such powers. Where breaches are found, fines and Orders can only be issued by Council and their Rangers.

  • We will provide a response and what is considered an appropriate course of action generally within 10 working days.