OPR Town Planning Pty Ltd

To complement its Building Certification Services, BCA works closely with Glenda Dunn, an experienced Town Planner, director of OPR Town Planning Pty Ltd. Glenda boasts an esteemed career within the industry, having worked for local and state government agencies and within the private sector as a Senior Planner and Town Planning Consultant.

Glenda’s Qualifications

  • Masters in Environmental Law – USYD – 2013

  • Masters in Urban Design and Development – USYD – 2001

  • Bachelor of Architecture – UNSW – 1991

  • Full Planning Institute of Australia Membership

OPR Town Planning Pty Ltd. ABN SS 614 114 840

Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)

An SEE is a planning report that must accompany all development applications to council. The SEE details the likely impacts of the proposal, and the proposed measures that will mitigate these impacts. It is a written report that supports the proposed development, and, explains and supports the architectural drawings and other project drawings and plans.

Approval Pathway Analysis (APA)

An APA is a planning report that must accompany all complying development certificate applications to a consent authority. The APA report assesses the compliance of the proposed development against the planning controls applicable to the site (under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the relevant State planning policies, the Local Environmental Plan, and the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes)2008, development standards. Other State Environmental Planning Policies that contain exempt and complying development may also require APA reports for proposal compliance.

Planning Feasibility Reports

A Planning Feasibility Report is a planning report that examines the planning controls and development standards that apply to a specific site or building. The report assesses the controls and standards, and, provides an opinion and planning options in regard to the proposed use of the site or existing building.

Heritage Impact Statement (HIS)

A Heritage Impact Statement is a report that must accompany and development application where the lot or building is either a heritage item or sits within a heritage conservation area. The statement assesses the proposed development and its likely impact on an existing historical development /heritage item or heritage conservation area. The HIS describes the heritage item or area and details the heritage relevance and importance of item or area. The statement makes an assessment on whether the proposed development will impact on the item or the conservation area, or where the proposal should be amended to avoid any proposed impacts on the heritage item or conservation area. 

Clause 4.6 Exception to Development Standards

An Exception to Development Standards Report is a planning report that accompanies a development application where the proposed development proposed to contravene a Local Environmental Plan development standard. The report describes and supports the requested variation to the controls within the Local Environmental Plan. The types of development standards where the variation to the Local Environmental Plan applies is for building height and or the floor space ratio of a proposed development. The report covers the justification for the variation, and, explains why the development standard may be unreasonable or unnecessary in relation to the proposed development and site.