Principal Certifying Authority


The role of the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) is to ensure that all building work has and is being executed in accordance with the development consent and relevant building regulations to the communities expectation. 

It is also the responsibility of the PCA to ensure that any required Compliance Certificates are provided and that an Occupation Certificate is issued prior to the development/building being occupied.

Statutory building requirements state you must appoint a PCA to inspect each stage or component of a development. This is to ensure it is proceeding as per the relevant approval and in the appropriate manner.

A satisfactory inspection must be undertaken before you proceed with the next stage.  Failure to have these stages or components inspected (and the necessary certificates made available) can render you liable to legal proceedings and may result in Council refusing to issue a Building Certificate or allow the PCA to issue an Occupation Certificate of the completed building.

Building Certificates Australia can both issue CCs and CDCs and act as the PCA for any building or development work either large or small.

As PCA we are appointed by the building owner, however we do not answer to the owner, applicant or builder. It’s the PCA’s role to act in the interest of the community, and is a service paid for via the developer/owner.