Construction Certificates

A Construction Certificate certifies that relevant matters specified in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 have been satisfied, this includes:

  • the construction plans and specification comply with the relevant standards (ie Building Code of Australia).
  • the construction plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent; and
  • all conditions of the development consent requiring compliance prior to the issue of a construction certificate are finalised.

A construction certificate is required after a Development Consent is issued by Local Council and before any building work is carried out.  Building work means any physical activity including site preparation such as excavation, removing trees or the erection of a building, including alteration and addition.

Building Certificates Australia Pty Limited has unrestricted accreditation to issue Construction Certificates (CC’s), act as Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) and issue Occupation Certificates (OC’s) on any development project.

We are accredited to approve a building which involves the preparation of an alternative solution to demonstrate compliance with the objectives of the Building Code of Australia.

We have a good relationship with the NSW Fire Brigade and we can assist in the successful submission of any Clause 144 and Clause 152 approvals.

Prior to works commencing, a Construction Certificate must be obtained and a PCA appointed, please contact our office for fee proposal for these services.